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Week 4 – User Personas & Creative Brief. Yay!

Posted in Intermediate Scripting by michaelg1980 on November 4, 2009

User Persona 1

user persona 1

“…i insist on always having fun, and will accept nothing less … I’m also no longer human … I’m a bear.”


  • 34 years old
  • College graduate
  • Software engineer at a well paying firm ($100,000+)
  • Lives near downtown Austin
  • In a relationship
  • Doesn’t want kids
  • Loves to drink Lone Star and party at bars off Red River
  • Favorite band is Motley Crew

Jason loves to party downtown and has the money to do it.  Friends, girlfriends, random folks at bars, Jason wants ‘em all to have a good time when he’s out.  Open with his money all in pursuit of a good time for him and all involved.  He’s a character. Someone you know you’re going to get trashed with and probably do some crazy shit you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Jason uses the web to network, meet new people and find out what’s hot and going on around town. He doesn’t surf for fun.  He likes to quickly find what he’s looking for and then head out the door.  The only things he does at home besides planning where to go, and with who, is to eat, sleep, and fuck.  He doesn’t watch a lot of TV or see many movies.  His focus is out and about with people.

User Persona 2

user persona 1

“I’ll decide where my time is spent and you can bet there’ll be a smile on my face.”


  • 26 years old
  • College graduate
  • Works for an environmental non-profit org
  • Lives in South Austin
  • Likes punk and some rap (digs Gorilla Biscuits and Dead Prez)
  • Likes to party at cool bars like the Jackelope and wherever there’s something hot and memorable going down
  • In a relationship

Katy’s super cool.  Smart, solid, decisive.  She’ll tell you if you’re wrong.  You want her at your party, you want her at your show.  She works hard, she plays hard. She’ll buy you a beer and a shot if she sees you’re down, but you better buck up.  She likes Great Whites and hopes to meet one some day.  Little patience for drama or whining.

Katy uses the internet for networking and finding more info on the things she’s interested in (punk, rap, shows she wants to see, environmental initiatives, sharks, etc.).  She wants to find what she’s looking for quickly and with little fuss.  If it’s what she’s looking for, she’ll indulge, but if the site is half-assed or poorly organized she’s gone.

Creative Brief >> Vixen Productions

Project Summary:
Vixen Productions (VP) is a relatively new company on the move up.  They’re developing a reputation for being “the ladies you want to party with (taunting, tantalizing, classy),” and would like a customized website to further build their reputation for throwing fun, organized, memorable parties to promote bands and DJs.

The single purpose of the site is to get visitors excited about what Vixen Productions does: throw wicked themed parties, all with the intent of getting people to come to the events and/or hire VP for future ones.

Audience Profile:

The main audience is hip, cool people, ages 21 to 40, looking for something fun and memorable to do on the weekend.  They love all types of live music (punk, to metal, to rap…), drink alcohol and go to downtown Austin clubs and bars.

They’re social and love to have a good time with friends out and about.  Not too many couch potatoes here.  They live life now.

VP and Troupe Vixen are seen as fun, hot, and up-beat.  They are known for creating a unique energetic atmosphere that showcases the band or DJ and keeps the party rolling.

Online, the website needs to carryover this same atmosphere and energy, as well as convey a feeling of professionalism and confidence that your in good hands (if you decide to hire VP or go to an event).

Communication Strategy:

Pictures, pictures, pictures.  Nothing sells a party like photos.  And, that is essentially what VP is selling.  A good time, organized and managed, for a fee.  Photos, selling the fun, are the main focus, but upcoming event info, music, contact numbers and e-mail, info about the specific services VP offers, are a close second.

The pictures will show what makes VP different.  Deanna, Kim, and Troupe Vixen.  The communication strategy involves riding the line between taunting/tantalizing and smart/classy, as well as between “we’re here to party” and “we’re responsible.”  It’ll be tricky.

Competitive Positioning:
The main difference between Vixen Productions and other event and party planners are the ladies themselves.  Deanna, Kim, and the Vixen Troupe.  Hot, connected, social, fun, and organized, these are the women that set VP apart.  The main thrust of the communication strategy is to sell the party, the good time, so the people that make up the VP experience can be positioned as the “Qeens” of the events.  Something along the lines of “ring leaders.”

Targeted message:
To the point phrase that will describe the site once it’s launched: Wicked fun.


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  1. james said, on November 5, 2009 at 9:00 am

    Hey, found this article about a bunch of different free flash galaries and I thought you might be interested in it http://webdeveloperplus.com/flash/25-amazing-free-flash-based-image-galleries/ . You can use one of them to help cut down on the development time for your site.


  2. james said, on November 7, 2009 at 8:46 am

    hey, michael

    i was wondering if you had notes for illustrator class for weeks 2, 3, and 5. i missed these days and i understand we have a midterm next week. hit me back at gobimass@yahoo.com or gobimass@gmail.com if i can get copies of the notes this weds in dreamweaver class.

    thank man,


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