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Site Mock-Up >> Vixen Productions

Posted in Intermediate Scripting by michaelg1980 on December 2, 2009

Here’s the site mock-up version 1.  And, here’s the feedback I got from my clients:

The mock up looks good.  We love the background design and really think you captured the essence of Vixens….we have some changes that we would like to see depending on your time frame.  We were not sure how detailed you wanted us to get but we tried to review it with changes and ideas that we had to integrate with what you had done already….I also wanted to let you know that Deanna is leaving tomorrow morning for Paris but you can reach me if you have any questions – just shoot me an email …Deanna returns about the 8th.  Thanks for everything!!  It looks good.

So these are the things we would like to see changed or altered:

  • Verbage next to Vixen Productions: change to “Vixen Productions maximizing the scene for your partying pleasure”
  • Do the lines move like an equalizer or stand still – we would love it to move to the music….
  • We like the background – can we tint it a bit to bring more liveliness without overpowering verbage and pics…right now it is a bit flat can we add a gold tint or something to make it no so flat
  • Love to have the pictures – 3 on left more artistic in placement or do not even have to be a perfect square – they could have a border/flash/rotate – get more creative with placement…..but captured good images from bands to crowds – if we wanted to change pics would this be possible after mock up?  In final we have a crowd shot we would love to pick one and maybe change one more of the bar staff picture of guy and girl…did not know how hard this would
  • Layout of Vixen productions with pic on right we like a lot – may tweak verbage a bit but for now looking good…need to follow us on Facebook – but love clickables and the follow us on myspace button
  • Need to change verbage on Vixen productions on Page two after Vixen Productions/also need to add clickable to follow on facebook like page one
  • Remove “The Owners”, “Remove the Points of Contact” keep “The Original Vixens” in red.  Then Miss Deanna and Miss Kim are the ladies that…….remove “Kim Vixen and make it Miss Kim and take out “these”
  • Remove “to the right add Explanation Point.
  • Make the pictures of Vixens two on top two on bottom for pictures

I’m in the process of making these revisions and plan on showing it to the client one more time, getting them to sign off, then moving onto coding.


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