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yayo gallery prelim website

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Here it is miss Gyna!


Javascript Form Validation

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I got my javascript form validation half right.  I just couldn’t figure out how to combine separate functions that 1.Validate the “name” field and 2.Validate the “email” field.  Miss Gyna, can you help?

Link to half working javascript form validation

Javascript Rotating Banners

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Hey guys!

This weeks homework was balls!  Javascript rotating banners.  Fo’ real. : Link

What’s going on below?

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The code:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “_//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN”

<html xmlns=http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml>
<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; hcarset=UTF-8 />
<title>Untitled Document</title>
<style type=”text/css”>
.urgent {
color : red;
font-weight : bold;
font-size : 20pt;
.notsourgent {
color : blue;
font-weight : normal;
font-size : 70%;
<script type=”text/javacript”>
function makeLessUrgent() {
} This javscript defines a function named “makeLessUrgent.” It looks for an element id “urgentmessage” and replaces its style with the class “notsourgent” defined in the head above.
<div class=”urgent” id=”urgentmessage”>THIS IS URGENT!</div>
<br />
<input type=button id=”msgbtn” size=”20” value=”Dealt with”
onclick=”makeLessUrgent();” /> Here the function “makeLessUrgent” gets actived “onclick” by the button.

Link to my non-working javascript homework. Yay!

Week 3 – Client Survey/Industry Analysis

Posted in Uncategorized by michaelg1980 on October 28, 2009

Client Survey >> Vixen Productions

link to Vixen Prodcutions myspace site


General Information:

  1. Who has the final approval of the project?
    1. Deanna and Kim (Vixen Partners and owners)
  2. When would you like to launch the site?
    1. We aren’t in a rush since we have alternate web profiles available in the meantime
  3. Do you have a specific budget for a website?  How about $200?
    1. Is this for domain and hosting services? Our budget is as shoestring as possible.

Current Site:

  1. Do you think visitors to your current myspace site like it? don’t like it?  don’t care?  find it useful?
    1. Yes, we have received positive feedback regarding our artwork and we get regular traffic. However, we are currently struggling with the profile’s layout – when I pull it up its a bit wonky on my screen and needs to be fixed
    2. We send out friend requests weekly
  2. What things about the myspace site do you like or find useful?
    1. calendar, updatable music player, easy contact, photo album, blog
    2. Kim’s favorite tool is Event invitations. We can personally invite everyone easily and they can share it and post it on their own sites
  3. What things don’t you like about it?  What two or three things would you change about it?
    1. We might change the way it reaches outside our current friends
    2. Updating: install applications easier, like photo viewers, or updating not just our events, but events that aren’t official Vixen productions that we are indirectly linked to and want to promote, for example, Deanna’s band Velvet Brick
  4. Has anyone told you how they feel about your myspace site?  If so, how long ago, and what did they say?
    1. People like our artwork and the photo albums
    2. The photos are one of our most important promotional tools, serving as event examples that make people want to come to future events
  5. How important is it to maintain your current look and feel (logo, style, etc.)?
    1. We are open to design as long as it keeps with nightlife vibe. It must be edgy and provocative without being cheesy or trashy.
    2. Note that our chrome logo has become our standard log and is on our current business card so we will continue to use it whether we have  variations or not on the website

Reasons for New Site:

  1. What are your one or two main objectives with the new site?  What are your secondary objectives? (ex: increased bookings, company awareness, etc.)
    1. To promote current events and build a reputation
    2. To draw clients and increase booking

Audience Desired Action:

  1. How would you describe a typical visitor of your current site?  How often do they visit?  What age, what type of music are they into, what might they do for a living?
    1. Hip people ages 21-40 looking for something to do on the weekend. They enjoy live music – all genres, drink alcohol and go to clubs and bars
    2. We have a very wide audience we are trying to reach so they are everything from students to laborers to professionals
  2. What is the number one thing you want site visitors to do when coming to your site? (book an event, come to an event, look at photos, post a comment…)
    1. It has 2 equal parts – come to an event and hire us for future ones
  3. For your main audience, what makes Vixen Productions unique compared to other event planning companies?
    1. VP is geared towards booking themed parties/events in clubs and bars.
    2. What makes our events special is Troupe Vixen. Our troupe of ladies that carry out the party theme through costumed entertainment. We create the atmosphere so that keeps the party going at all times.
    3. Our live shows create an energy and atmosphere that showcase the music – band or DJ – in a different fashion, making what might be a regular night in Austin that more exciting
  4. How many people, do you think, access your site on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?  Do you think traffic would increase after a new site launch?
    1. We have weekly traffic, numbers unsure, but could double with the right webpage through promotions and launch


  1. What are a few adjectives you’d want visitors to use when describing your new site? (ex: friendly, hardcore, spontaneous, etc.)
    1. fun, hot, exciting, inviting, hip
  2. How do you think Vixen Productions is currently perceived offline?
    1. We are building a reputation for being the women you want to party with– bands want to play our parties and people want to be at our parties
      Our Vixens are seen as fun, smoking hot, and generally good-girls (believe it or not), who are popular and have tons of friends
      We also known for being well organized on multiple levels, from promotions to decor to execution, while maintaining a good positive energy at the party.
      Kim and Deanna are also known for their connections
  3. List some websites you find interesting or compelling.
    1. This is the closest company I could find that would serve as an example, however, I don’t care for their layout with the streaming text boxes and we want to be a bit edgier – http://www.freshwata.com


  1. Who will be responsible for creating/uploading new content (event info, photos,..) to the new site?  You, Ken, your photographer?
    1. Kim and Deanna maintain everything equally but eventually a we’d like to have a webmaster
    2. Deanna usually covers all artwork and photos
    3. Kim usually covers updating events and the calendar
  2. What are some things from your myspace site would you want to carry over to the new site?  (Logo, music, pictures, graphics, the way things are organized…)
    1. As mentioned above, we are open to new design with approval so feel free to get creative and/or use what’s up there. Deanna is a graphic designer so you can ask her for copies and adjustments to what’s online
    2. Carry over music and photo albums
    3. If its possible, the capabilities to send event invitations – this may be similar to a newsletter-type of application
  3. I envision the new site taking the main things focused on in your myspace site (new event info, music, past event photos, blog) and making them more branded and streamlined into an easy navigable site.  Is this on target?  How do you envision your new site?
    1. Yes! It sounds like you have a good feel for our wants and needs. As long as its got flair and ease to load and navigate


  1. What type of computer (mac, pc) and browser (internet explorer, firefox) do you think the majority of visitors to your site would use?
    1. Maybe whatever the most popular standards are. If we had to guess, pc and internet explorer?


  1. How do most people find out about your site?  (word of mouth, searching myspace,…)
    1. Word of mouth
  2. Do you have any marketing plans following the launch of the new site?
    1. Yes. We plan on having a Vixen Productions company launch party once we get our basic business needs met – not just the website. This will most likely be in late March or April after SXSW.
  3. How often do you think you would update the site (with pictures, event info,…) (once a day, week)?
    1. Weekly and immediately following an event


  1. Is there anything else you think I should know before designing your new site?
    1. We need to make sure bands and performers are highlighted
    2. We need to make sure anyone interested, no matter where they are located, can reach us for bookings, info, participating – may want to set up emails addresses @vixenproductions.com events@vp.com etc..  we also want to make sure that if there is any info on getting involved

Industry Analysis >> Austin Event Planners

link to The Simplifiers websiteThe Simplifiers

The clarity of the navigation, when you first get to the site, is pretty poor. The main navigation is discreetly located on the home page, in among the main content area.  And, just about all of the graphics there are clickable.  No clear labels about what will take you where.  You just end up clicking everything to see where it goes.  Once you get your bearings though, the information is pretty clear and thorough.

The design of the site, while not particularly harmonious, is positive and friendly, and I found myself almost enjoying the fifties/sixties schtick of the images.  It gives the impression that the people running “The Simplifiers” company genuinely enjoy what they do.  A definite plus.

“The Simplifiers” offer similar services to my client, Vixen Productions, so I would definitely call them a close competitor. Although, compared to my Vixen’s myspace page, “The Simplifiers” website implies a more wholesome event planning experience.  The Simplifiers event, wedding planning, concierge services to Vixen’s event planning that maximizes the “local scene for your partying pleasure.”    Another reason I consider them a close competitor is because of their size. Both “Simplifiers” and “Vixens” are small and would likely attract similarly minded customers.  Those looking to plan an event, but nothing out of control huge.

Event Production Services (EPS)link to EPS website

Clear, consistent site organization. Kinda grungy/worn in look of the border, conveys a feeling of experience.  This feeling is further enhanced when you look at their “Clients” section (ACL Fest, Keep Austin Weird Fest, Fun/Fun/Fun Fest).  Each section of the website conveys a sense that EPS can do (and has done) large scale event planning.

From an aesthetic standpoint the site design isn’t great, but it’s functional, rugged, and consistent. It’s the breadth and prestige of their content that makes this website strong (i.e the client list).

“Event Production Services” do offer similar services to Vixen in the way of handling/hiring vendors, musical talent, and event staff, it just does so on a much larger scale.  Because of this, I’d say “EPS” is a distant, direct competitor.

link to Austin Party Planners websiteAustin Party Planners

Really, basic, template looking website. Essentially, little more than a digital postcard, detailing a list of the party/event options they offer.  Not very confidence inducing.  The only page that gets into detail is the “Packages” page, and even here it only has details for a children’s birthday party.  Bare minimum here, in terms of navigation, design and information.  Unimpressive.

From the short list of party options they list on the home page, it appears “Austin Party Planners” is a direct competitor to my client, but judging from the website, it’s not nearly as hedonistic as “Vixen” appears on their myspace page.  A direct, but unimpressive competitor.

Test #2

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How’s this image look?