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Posted in Advanced Scripting by michaelg1980 on January 13, 2010

Week 1 – Intro to JavaScript


  • XHTML provides the structure
  • CSS provides the style
  • JavaScript provides the action or interaction (performed by the browser)

JavaScript History:

  • First appeared in 1995, developed first by Netscape (RIP)
  • JavaScript was created as a client side  language to make web operations faster.  Because modems were ass slow.

JavaScript Implementation:

  • JavaScript is made up of three layered parts:
    1. ECMA script – provides the core functionality base, on which more robust scripting languages are built (DOM or Adobe Flash, etc)
    2. DOM (Document Object Model) – provides methods and interfaces for working with the content of a page. Adds support for mouse and user interface events.  Kind of standardized.
    3. BOM (Browser Object Model) – provides methods and interfaces for interacting with the browser.  Ex: Allowed access and manipulation of the browser window. Least standardized.

Server-Side and Client-Side:

  • Server-Side – computations, etc. that occur on the server (CGI, ASP, PHP)
  • Client-Side – computations, etc. occur on the clients’ browser (RIA).  Uses less bandwidth, so good option to make things faster and more economical.

Define the items below:

  • Web 2.0 – 2nd generation of the web.  Describes the move towards interactive participation of users with information/content.  Users are the focus and “pullers” and generators of the content they want.
  • Ajax – A combination of multiple languages.  Offer the ability to asynchronously update a page in the background without interfering with the display and/or behavior of  the existing page.
  • RIA – Internet apps that can run in tandem with or independent of an internet connection/browsers. Ex: “E-bay Desktop”
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